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cesar-romero-latorreAWS Certified Developer - Associate

César Romero

Solutions Engineer | Senior Developer | AWS Certified
Spain | Madrid

Degree: Graduated in software engineering, AWS Certified Developer – Associate
AWS Certified Developer – Associate
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      • Position: Solutions Engineer
      • Duration: 20 June 2020 – Now
      • Responsibilities:
        • Create solutions to PayPal customers that improve their sales and payment method conversion
        • Architecture services with PayPal Solutions designed for customer needs
        • PreSales & PostSales Engineering Consulting in Europe
      • Technologies:
        • PHP 7.4 with Symfony 5. For Public Services. Docker + AWS for CI&CD
        • PayPal Kraken Framework (NodeJS) for middleware & front software
        • PSD2 & Payment world Knowledge. PayPal Family Products
        • Others: Gain knowledge of all the PayPal public services, integrations and customers.
      • Highlights:
        • Trasversal job with importante European projects. Multi cultural and multi lang environment
        • Happy to solve both solutions designs and technical doubts to our customers and leverage technology to improve customers benefits

      • Position: Tech Lead | DevOps Engineer
      • Duration: 06 June 2017 – 20 June 2020
      • Responsibilities:
        • Create, Design and Maintain CI & CD pipelines.
        • Move services to AWS using Docker, ElasticBeanstalk. Manage Monitoring + Loggin of Integrations Services.
        • Create Symfony 4 Applications to support integrations like VTEX, Shopify and many other modules for e-commerce platforms.
        • Methodology: Agile with Scrum (2 week sprints)
      • Technologies:
        • PHP 7 with Symfony 4. Selenium and UniTesting with PHP.
        • Docker, ElasticCache, ElasticBeanstalk, RDS, DynamoDB
        • CloudFormation, Traefik, DataDog, SQS, Many others..
        • Others: Learn the core of all e-commerce extensions supported.
      • Highlights:
        • Incredible team, we all learn together about all the existing e-commerce and integrate them
        • 100% functional testing of all deploys with selenium + docker. All projects run under docker


      • Position: Team Lead
      • Duration: 28 Abril 2014 – 06 June 2017
      • Responsibilities:
        • Manage all third party provider integration.
        • Integrate new providers: Payments, Games, SMS
        • Create and Maintain AWS Architecture. Migrate On-Premise to Cloud.
      • Technologies:
        • Language: PHP 7 + Symfony 3. Phalcon PHP
        • Data Persistency with Redis + Mysql. Also MongoDB o an Atlas Cluster. RabbitMQ for messaging.
        • Linux servers management. Orchestration with Ansible.
      • Highlights:
        • Performance oriented, Bug less coding, Method and Structure strict, TDD when possible and depending on critic rating.
        • 24/7 available and responsible for the team developments.
        • “Make it happen” – Take the idea to software reality.


      • Position: PHP Developer
      • Duration: October 2012 – April 2014
      • Projects:
        • On-demand translations. (javascript plugin)
        • Orm development with API SDK
        • CMS constructor via API with self deployment
        • Unit testing projects from the company
        • Methodology: Scrum
      • Technologies:
        • Language: PHP 5.4
        • Framework: Codeigniter and self made one
        • DB: MySQL, MongoDB (logs)
        • Others: Apache 2.24, mod_php 5, general Linux admin (Debian & Rethat) , RabbitMQ, GIT
      • Highlights:
        • Self learning and self organize of projects.
        • Linux administration apart from develop.

torreciclaCollaboration on a gamification project for the Torrelodones City hall. Development of external services from a REST API.


Collaboration as a system administrator for 2 years. As a sysadmin I had to take care of the email, web and communication services. I had to administrate a migration of all the system and a rescue ghost restore.


Two years of internship. First steps on development world. Main responsibility was to generate excel files and some views on basic PHP from the information stored in the database.