OVH Dynhost Ubuntu

Since not all of us can have a static IP home it’s good to know that with OVH you can set your domain to update the IP any time it changes.

1. Installation

Just install it from your ubuntu software repositories. Easy:

sudo apt-get install ddclient

During the installation it will ask you for several information, you can skip the answers and hit enter. We will configure manually the service to match our needs. This software is the one that DynDNS use to sync with their system. OVH uses the same protocol.

2. Configuration

I personally use vim but you can use your prefered text editor. So to configure the file:

sudo vim /etc/ddclient.conf

We will have to paste the next configuration in order to make OVH understand the calls.

daemon=300                  # check every 600 seconds
syslog=yes                  # log update msgs to syslog
pid=/var/run/   # record PID in file.
cache=/tmp/ddclient.cache   # Cache file
## Check IP via our CheckIP server
use=web,, web-skip='IP Address'
## Note: you have to create user in your DNS zone in the OVH Panel
login=username    # your Ovh DynHost username
password=password # your Ovh DynHost password
protocol=dyndns2            # default protocol          # default server
## Dynamic DNS hosts go here

3. Restart and test

After the previous configuration, you can save it and then we will proceed to restart the service

sudo service ddclient restart

You can check in the system log if the connexion is working.

Note, you will have to create the DynHost in ovh and a user (it’s not the same that the ovh user). You can find more information on how this system work here